Monday, June 22, 2009


I often use the phrase, "How much is enough?" when it comes to posing the question on excess.

For example how much is enough when is comes to taking guff from someone before you either blow your cork or walk away?

Overeating as most Americans do so well. How much is enough when it comes to caloric intake?

Or I ask myself, "How much is enough?" when I stand in front of the 800 plus CD collection in my home office? I really should start downloading music instead of buying CD's.

Accumulating "things" in your life . . . how much is enough? Like this guy who's living vry large and is shows. He was "camped" across from us this weekend.

Check it out.

Very long, very large, well equipped motor home that was easily 50' long. It had every bell, every whistle, every doo-dad available. Easily 250k sitting there. How much is enough when it comes to RV camping?

Harley Davidson motorcyle tucked away and covered on the rear of the motor home.

The topper was not the truck being towed behind the motorhome. That's typical. Over the top were the toys in the bed of the truck.

A quad with a convertible top.

Attached to the back of the quad were two bicycles.

How much is enough when it comes to getting around? Once they arrive at their camping destination: There's the Harley. Then there's the quad. And if all else gets boring the bicycles.

Apparently when someone has a lot of money to spend they probably have to find creative ways to spend it. They probably are not planning on "taking it with them". But really, how much is enough?

There are a few things in life that there's never enough of. Take sex for example. Is there ever enough? Money? Nope, never enough of that.

How about charity? Is there ever enough to go around to those who need it? Never.

Giving of yourself to those who love you?

Beer? There's always 99 bottles of beer on the wall . . . and if one of those bottles happened to fall?

Then there's children....your time and attention to children in your life? Never too much of that. Children are our future and we can hardly over invest there. How much is enough? Often there's never enough to go around in meeting the needs of the children of the world.

The list on the other side of "how much is enough" could be endless. So it comes down to this post on this subject. .. and I'm asking myself. How much is enough?

Stick a fork this post, please!

Wifey and I are headed out for some morning sailing. We'll be on the lake by 7:00 a.m. just in time to meet winds of 8 to 15 mph to fill the sails.

Sailing? There's never enough.


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Max said...

Their excess is beyond, beyond, beyond ridiculous. Harley in the back, sure, you need a way to get off the campsite. But, a truck too? That's a 4x4? With a king cab? Ridiculous! And there's a bloody dune buggy in the back! And bikes! What the hell?!

Seriously, who needs to bring all that with them? They should be towing a compact car at the most. What kind of mileage do you suppose they get? It's got to be less than 5 mpg.

I'd be so embarrassed to roll like that.

Bob said...

Did I mention these people had Texas plates? That explains a lot.......

La Roo said...

What happened to the tent, camp stove, bicycles, sleeping bags and dirt.
I myself can appreciate an RV and it's comforts, cause girlfriend doesn't sleep on the ground anymore.
But can we not appreciate being outdoors without all the extras. Grab a freakin fishing pole hit the river, wittle some wood, sunbathe nude, relax.

Max said...

Oh. Texas. I've met folks from Austin and they say their city is not like the rest of Texas. For one, they've got several eccentric dudes that like to wear nothing buy thongs when they go out on the town. The city also didn't go for Bush when he ran for prez...

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Enough is when you say it is...I may disagree with you but I know that in your own mind...enough will be enough.

Rhea Cook said...

I love this Bob. This may become my bedtime reading.
Rhea Cook

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