Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Our "girl" hits the launch ramp this morning. We're up early to put her in the water so as to beat the mid day sun.

Our launch will not be anything like the one seen here. This is a 4.5 million buck boat. A failed turnbuckle put this baby in the drink bow first.

Someones fanny must have gotten really chewed up over that screw up.

Check out the guy at the stern of the boat. What do you think is on his mind? What's this guy yelling? This lends credibility to the phrase, Bottoms Up!

Yesterday I showed Gracie these pictures?

Me: Check this out. What do you think, Grace?

Grace: The boat drowned.

Me: Boats don't drown. People and animals can drown but not boats. Boats sink.

Grace: I think this boat drown first and then it sank.

Me: You're probably right, kid.

Thanks to Joanie for e-mailing these priceless, what not to do when you launch a 4.5 mil cruiser photos.

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La Roo said...

Oh good Lord! That's not good.
And Yipeee!!! I hope you have a blast today!!!!
It's been a long time in the making.

Shells Bells said...

Holy layout change batman! I like the black very classy

Bob said...

Laroo: It was a great day, thank you very much!

Shels: Back to the same old setting. Too hard to read the other layout.

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