Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Room to Bloom

Last Saturday Wifey and I took a long drive into rural northern California. One stop happened in Montague, a quaint little town that had seen better days but nonetheless still remained. A first glance at the town spoke volumes that it still had a heart and soul.

A farmers market with a dozen booths outlined the town square offering everything rural, soup to nuts.

People of all sizes came in and out of cafe across from the farmers market.

The flowers here were growing by the main street post office. To the left of the flowers sat a man and his dog, both offering comments to passersby.

An older building had Opera House on the front of it. My first glance, which is not always reliable told me that it read OPRAH HOUSE. At the time I thought, "Hell, that chick is everywhere!".

We stopped at the Farmers Market to shop and ask for directions. Wifey bought a lavender fragrance. We got the directions to the lavender farm and headed in that direction.

I liked Montague a lot. Lots of space, room to breathe. No traffic lights and a couple of stop signs. Friendly people. Slow pace. It felt that who ever chose to live in this little burg had lots and lots of room to bloom.

It would be nice to be planted in a place like this.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

I have to take Zyrtec just looking at these pics Bob...but they do look beautiful.

Max said...

but... is there a lake to sail on nearby?

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