Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arr - Bee Father's Day!

Last week a box arrives. It has to be from Max, our son who's living in Seoul. An e-mail from him confirms that indeed the box was from him. It's for Father's Day. He says what's in the box is to wear while sailing. Max adds that all the ladies will like it.

Father's Day comes. The box is opened. Whoo hooo, an over the top gift for Father's Day. Max knows his father well.

I get dressed. Grab the vulture (another gift a year ago from Max) and begin swash buckling.

Arrrr. Walk the plank or I'll run thee through!

Mom's rolling over her in grave. I just heard the thump. She's saying,

"Bob . . . you too, Maxwell....when are you two ever going to grow up?!"

Of course the standard answer would be, "Never, ever! Ain't gonna happen!"

You just know Bob will be wearing this on the water. Wheel in one hand, saber in the other.

See what you're missing by living so very far away?

Thanks, Max. Nobody does it better than you when it comes to things like this!

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Max said...


Wear it sailing, wear it to school when you visit, wear it shopping at the supermarket... have fun. :)

Oh yeah, it looks like you need to push out that crease in the nose, unless you like the punched-in nose look... :O

Flyinfox_SATX said...


I am glad I know least virtually. With an outfit like that, now you can give the Burger King dude a run for his money!

Bob said...

Max: Yeah, I gotta work on it. This is soo coool. I'm gonna love scaring the crap out of little kids.

Fox: And like Burger King, Bob is definitely going to have it his way!

La Roo said...

Oh good god, where is your wench?
That's great!!!

Rachel said...

OH. MY. GOSH!!!!

That is absolutely hilarious. I'd pay money to see that in person.

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