Wednesday, June 10, 2009


La Roo said...

That's so cool!! I want to do that. I'd totally get chucked from the boat. :) (catamaran????)

Bob said...

They're so awesome . . . tri-hull boats rock but are also very unforgiving. Flip one of those puppies and you've got major injuries.

La Roo said...

Have you been on one?

Bob said...

Been on cats, owned a small one but never on a large trimaran. Either way, they're a blast to sail on.

Max said...

Trimarans are bad ass! Though, I'd love to take up kite surfing.

Blessed said...

It amazes me the desire of some people. It amazes me how some
have no fear.

BTW, I need to live closer to
water and of course, if I live
closer to water I need more money so I could have more toys.

Bob said...

Max: You might have that opportunity in August if you look hard enough.

Blessed: Having no fear is kind of like ignorance is bliss. . . . what you don't know won't scare you. And move by some water. Little Lily would love that.

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