Sunday, June 14, 2009


We're just home from a weekend of RV camping. You may or may not recall that our fifth wheel trailer is parked in a campground 90 minutes north.

I took a picture of a rig parked close to us. Look closely and you'll see an HD dish and a communications dish on its roof. The latter is freaking huge. Knowing what these things run this guy has an easy 8k tied up in both dishes. What you don't see is a third satellite dish just behind the tree. It's one of those dome deals. Geeze, who says you can't take it with you?

The owner of this rig and I talked briefly the other day.

Him: You look familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before?

Me: Maybe. I get around.

Him: I think I remember. You been in movies?

Me: Yeah, I had a minor role in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Him: Yeah, that's where I remember you. Dude, If I remember correctly you were awesome!

Me: Well, it was a minor role. I only had one word in the script.

Him: Cool. One word is something. What'd you say?

Me: Arrrrr!

Him: That's it? That's all you said?

Me: Arrrrrr!!!

The area where the trailer is parked must be the place where clouds are made. Everyday it's not uncommon to see the most wonderful cloud formations ever. Big. Puffy. White. Gray. Black.

Makes for awesome sunrises and sunsets.

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La Roo said...

You make me laugh.
So what we are trying to do with all the dishes is enjoy the great outdoors??

Bob said...

These guys with the big dishes go no where other than to stay in their rigs and watch TV. They could do that at home. Once in a while they venture out to walk the dog and maybe go out for some grunts. Otherwise they stick closer to their Lazy Boys. Some of these old farts can hardly walk which is perhaps why they stay close to their rig. They look like they're on their last legs. I think to myself, "And these guys are driving these huge buses at 70 mph on the interstate?" Makes ya think......

Max said...

Bah. I have no dishes at home and 80 channels of cable I could care less about... I download my tv!

Bob said...

Max: No dishes? Think paper plates.

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