Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last week shopped Cost Plus and came home with pasta shaped like pumpkins, bats and witches. I thought Gracie and I could have Halloween food this week. What better way to celebrate.

So I cooked it.
And while I was cooking the pasta I checked out the ingredients. The usual stuff, I thought as I read through the listing. . . until I came to the last ingredient which you can see here.


Now is that the best Cost Plus can come up with. Surely there are other food colorings made with anything but squid ink.

I didn't tell Gracie about the squid ink knowing well what would happen. It didn't taste bad but the thought of what I was eating kept coming to mind. How do they milk squids? Is it like a farm sort of thing.

Hey, I'm a headed out to milk the squids. Be back around dark.

Now there's a thought.

Next time we'll stick to the pasta imported from Italy that's minus squid ink.


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DNA said...

It's probably how they made the black pasta. They used squid ink to color the pasta dough. I would think too that a little of that would go a long way. That is why it's the last ingredient listed on the package.

Bob said...

DNA: You're right about the ink and black pasta. But you'd think there would be something else around instead of squid ink to color pasta with. Like black crayons? Anything but squid ink, please!

Max Watson said...

Nothing wrong with squid ink; it's organic. It also has a very unique taste. There was a restaurant around here that specialized in dishes enhanced with squid ink.

Anyway, yes, it was added for the black colored pasta--would you rather have a chemical?!

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