Sunday, October 12, 2008


Domino's now offers oven baked sandwiches. They sent me an e-mail announcing that this morning.

Hmm, I thought, they look pretty good but I wonder what the nutritional value is of each sandwich in regards to fat.

Okay, this is the teacher in me coming out: Now class, pay attention to today's lesson.

A check of Domino's on-line chart of nutritional values:

Chicken Bacon Ranch: 45 grams of fat with 16 of those grams being saturated fat. 400 of the 890 calories that come with this sandwich are from fat.

So then I checked with Subway to see what their sandwich values were. You remember the guy . . . Jared, who went from, 425 pounds to 190 pounds by not eating breakfast, having a 6 inch Subway sandwich (no mayo or cheese), a bag of baked potato chips and a diet drank for lunch and for dinner a 12 inch Subway sandwich (no mayo or cheese), a bag of baked potato chips and a diet drink.

235 pounds lost all thanks to Subway. And the guy now has a job for life as their spokesman. How awesome is that?!

Where a Domino's chicken bacon ranch sandwich weighs in at 45 grams of fat/890 calories Subway's 6 inch roasted chicken breast sandwich (no cheese, no mayo) comes in a FIVE! grams of fat with 310 calories of which 50 of the calories are from fat. Double those amounts for a 12" sandwich. Sodium for the Subway sandwich is 830 mg in contrasts to Domino's whopping 2,210 mg.

If you ate a Domino's sandwich everyday where would you be compared to eating a Subway everyday? As they say, you are (or become) what you eat. . .

This is but one small example of how the right choices when it comes to dining out make for a better life.

When you're young, reckless and stupid all this nutritional stuff is a bunch of B.S. Who cares, we thought, we're not going to live long enough to clog up those old arteries, are we? As you grow older these things start to matter. The "we're not going to live long enough" to care rhetoric changes to, "Hell, I'm going to live until I'm 100!"

If you're mindful as to what you put into your body, that just might happen.

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La Roo said...

Then I would like to become a cookie.:)
Actually I eat a pretty good diet, but one could only wish all that good stuff was ok for ones self.

Bob said...

La Roo: Don't we all . . . it's hard to avoid food that is very delish but very fattening. Life can be so unfair.

Flyinfox_SATX said...


I could not agree with you more. I just have one weakness....


Bob said...

Fox: What the hell is a Yodel? Sounds like sometime that's shouted out in the Alps.

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