Sunday, October 05, 2008


I'm wanting to play a little Saturday long ball with Zeenie. I throw the ball (it's in the grass by Zeen's right leg). The dog retrieves the ball.

Here's Zeenie looking right at me and refusing to bring the ball back. And she stuck her tongue out at me!

Well, that's like every female in Bob's family. They win some. I lose some. And I get no respect.

Zeenie was purchased several months after Jilli's death (see January 2008 blogs). There's no doubt in anyone's mind who Zeen loves and respect best - that would be Wifey.

On the other hand there was no doubt in anyone's mind where Jill's allegiance was - it was all the way with Bob. Now play second and sometimes third fiddle when it comes to allegiance with the new dog.

Like I said, win some, lose some.

Saturday night is always pizza night at our house. We changed up a bit last night and added carrot soup to the Saturday night menu. For some reason there's a ton of carrots in the refrigerator . . . like we were expected Bug Bunny to spend a couple of weeks with us.

What better use of carrots (apart from beef stew or roast beef with vegetables) than a tasty carrot soup on a cold fall evening.
This is Wifey's pizza all placed on a rice flour pizza crust. She's a celiac and allergic to gluten (wheat) hence the rice flour pizza crust.

I was really jacked up when Wifey came home one day to announce that she had been diagnosed as a celiac.

My reaction went like this:

Me: Wow, a celiac? You mean a nympho celiac? How very cool. Let the good times roll!
Then there's my pizza all loaded with cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni and anchovies. One side is pesto based and the other side is covered with pizza sauce.

And that was Saturday night at our house.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

The pizza's look awesome. Next time your cookin I hope I get the invite.

This is why I can not have female dogs...OK, I'll say it...Bitches!

They show respect to no one.

Bob said...

Fox: Misery loves company. Looks like I have a friend.

Jessi said...

Carrot soup? Yum! Care to share the recipe?

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