Friday, October 17, 2008


Here's an act that's sure to please or at least stir up conversation. Actually, something like this would beat the hell out of a formal debate . . . the candidates could whisper sweet somethings into the each others ears . . . or talk politics between swings and twirls. It would make for good television and be the most watched event in the history of TV.

But Obama. . .'s about the shoes you're wearing. Now that's a statement! Bet he's wearing a thong to go with the shoes. Nothing like a little butt floss to but spring in a guys step.

Who's McCain going to have for a partner. I'd pick Joe Plumber. McCain talks so much about Joe Plumber that it seems that he has a thing for him. So, Joe Plumber and John Who Would be King, dancing with the stars.

What a night that would be.

Special thanks to Joanie for slipping it to me this morning . . . ah, I mean for slipping me the picture that is posted here. . . :)

Happy Fly Day.

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Anonymous said...

AHA!! Just found this I received monetary rewards for my by-lines? I think a better picture for Dancing with The Stars would be McCain and Cloris Leachman, more age-appropriate! oxxoJ@ 7:07a.m.10-22-08 P.S. Only 8 more days before "will you still need me when I'm 64"...start humming!

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