Saturday, October 18, 2008


During June, July and most of August the Cowtown Valley was filled with smoke from out of control forest fires. Several times the fire headed our way and there were thoughts of evacuating the house.

Thursday I drove out to the lake. It's about 15 minutes from the house and saw a sign on the highway that said, "Do not report fire - controlled burn in progress".

Lo and behold as I drove by the lake there it was . . . another fire in the forest.

You'd think that after all the hassle of putting out the summer fires there would be US Forest Service rocket scientists that would think that setting more fires is not a good idea. And like Cowtown hasn't had it's fill of smoke filled air?

The burn is all in the name of forest management. As one ranger put it, "There hasn't been a burn here in 80 years and the forest in this area needs cleaning out." Man interfering with nature . . . not a good thing. Or so it seems to those of us who are uninformed in forest management.

Here's an example of one area at the Lake that burned this summer. This particular burn came right down to the lake and nearly took out several Parks Service homes.
My name is on a waiting list for a slip in this marina, one of two on the lake. It's located on an inlet to the lake. Even though there's not been success in finding the right sailboat for Bob, I'll still rent a slip for the year.

Those holding slips were required to pay to up by October 15th or remove their boat. Vacant slips will be given to those on a waiting list.

I'm on page four of their seven page waiting list. The worker in charge of the slips says that calls are being made to those on the list and I should know soon whether I've made the cut or not.

Boat or no boat, I'll have a place all my own to dangle my feet in the water 'cause I'm a thinking I'm a gonna make the cut.

Fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

What amazes me is the fact CDF can't get together with the weatherman for their "controlled burns"...have you notice they always pull these stunts when there is WIND??!!! They they act all bewildered and innocent when their stunts run amok..but would we expect any more when they employ idiots like Vince? That shows LACK of QUALITY control!!! oxoxoJ@ 7:11a.m.

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