Thursday, October 02, 2008


George Washington must be turning over in his grave. The dollar in the toilet along with our economy. If the dollar were to be printed with another picture of George what I've posted here would be most appropriate.

WWGD? Right. Would Would George Do? He'd probably do something straight out of the 1700's. Maybe old fashioned common sense to resolve this crises is what's needed.

Ever hear the phrase Yankee Ingenuity? In the long run that's what is going to help America.

Wifey: What's that lump in the middle of the bed?

Me: I withdrew all the money from our savings. I thought we might need the cash when the stock market crashes. The banks was out of paper money and all they had were coins. I stuffed all of the coins under the mattress for safe keeping.

Wifey: Good gawd, Bob! What's freaking next in this marriage?! If we hadn't been married for as long as we have I'd be slapping you with a Citizen's Divorce right here and now. Enough of your schemes is enough! If mother were here she'd be bitch slapping you all over the place!

Me: To keep peace in the family I guess I should take the coins from under the mattress. Could I store them in your walk in closet?

Wifey: Don't even go there.

Me: Okay, putting the coins in coffee tins and burying them in the garden seems to be the next best choice. Actually, that will be fun and will occupy my time today.



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Max Watson said...

On the plus side, Dad, is that the financial crisis has put a demand on dollars, and actually increased their value over the past several months. Back in July one Euro cost $1.58, now it's just $1.38.

Meanwhile the Korean won, which was very strong last year, has crapped all over itself, losing nearly 25% of its value against the dollar and Euro in the past year. The exchange rate is horrible, but will most likely be much better by the time I come out in February.

DNA said...

I would bury all of my cash in the backyard too. But I'm afraid those pesky armadillos would get to it!
Happy TGIF, btw. :-P

Kittie Kate said...

I'm buying drug stocks. They're going to go up long term.

Bob said...

Max: That would be (the dollar up over the Euro) would be about the only good news here. Credit, stocks, interest rates on savings account - all in the toilet. Fingers crossed for a better day.

DNA: At least you have something to barbecue if the going gets tough. I'll bring sauce, Annie.

Kittie Kate: I'll just stick to taking drugs. :)

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