Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Halloween is this week. Grace's first grade class took time out from their studies to visit one of Cowtown's many pumpkin farms. They'll be carving the pumpkins they picked on Thursday.

Grace is wondering whether to carve the big pumpkin she's sitting on or do the little one.
Kids at this age are starting to master the fine art of looking stupid for the camera. Watch the birdie!
Grace has orders to bring a side of beef home for Papa. She's on the kill and ready to pounce!
Ya gotta love guys who entertain kids who don't mind looking like a doofuss while they do that. I've got a cheesehead hat at home I'd gladly trade for a corncob hat.

I was thinking that my proctologist would look mighty fine wearing this puppy on his head during exams. If his patients have to feel stupid while he probes and probes and probes he might as well join in by looking stupid, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

That is the coolest pumpkin patch and some of the cutest kids I've ever seen :)

Anonymous said...

and awesome photos!

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