Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Every day after school it's the same routine:

Get off the bus. Get into Grammy's car. Come home.

Sit at the island bar. Have a snack. Do the assigned homework.

At age five.

I don't know about you but I hated homework. It cut into the free, after school time. There were things to do. Like rock fights. Any time there was a rock fight with another group of kids on the way home was a good day.

Then there were dirt clod fights. It was "no fair!" when someone put a rock in the middle of dirt clod. Normally being hit by a dirt clod didn't hurt. You knew when you've been hit by a clod with a rock in the middle. OUCH! NO FAIR! And that's when the fights started. Anyway day there was a fight on the way home from school was a good day.

Anyway, you can see Wifey here sitting next to Grace with the ever present word list of frequently used words. No home should be without it.

Then there's practice reading the little paper books that have the frequently used words in them.

They have Bob books that feature Bob as the main character. Somehow Bob has managed to wiggle his way into primary school literature. Maybe Bob is one of those frequently used words in the English language. Do you think?

I guess Bob doesn't qualify for anything higher than being used for primary school education. Actually, I'm fine with that. Keep it easy for Bob.

When Grace has a Bob book down pat she will come read it to me. Instead of an after school rock fight it is now a good day whenever I can hear Grace read about Bob. I just love those Bob books.

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Max Watson said...

I even used "Bob" as a fictional name for an example dialog in class today.

I'm unwittingly spreading the Bob.

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