Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There are things upon things around Bob's house. There's a storage shed out back piled high with things we can't get in the house. The garage has neatly piled shelves full of things that will also not fit in the house.

Frankly, I'm thinged out. If the house were to burn down tomorrow there would be no tears on Bob's face. Oh, no . . . smiles upon smiles thinking, "Lord, thank you for relieving us of all those things."

Just opposite the front door there's an alcove with three glass shelves just suited for showing off things. The first picture is a vase (duh) from the 1960's we've collected. Wifey says it's worth a lot. I say it's worth it's weight in the dust it collects.

Next to it is an art original by Gracie. Now that's worth keeping. Not bad for a five year old kid, don't ya think?

Then there's the collection of egg scales. There's probably close to two dozen scales either displayed or stored in the thing shed.

We have scads of collections of this and that. For example there's a large glass jug on top of a kitchen cabinet just full of blown out eggs. . . ostrich, goose, chicken, duck . . . you name the egg, it's in the bottle. And that's no yolk!

Maybe I'll start posting pictures of all of the collections of things we've accumulated over the years. Now wouldn't that be boring . . .

Best of all of the things in our array of collections is the rose garden which is fairly large and which still produces flowers like this even in the month of October. There's a wide variety of roses in the garden that we've collected or have dug up from previous homes we've owned during the course of moving or taken from our parents homes when they've passed on.

Collecting things, like roses, is not a bad thing. There's no storage. They come. They go. They don't gather dust.

And that's the way I like it.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

....and on the 8th day, God created Ebay! The perfect place for the exchange of things. Your things for the cold hard cash things....yay you!

La Roo said...

I used to be a big collector of stuff. (and that's really all it is) I learned that I don't need to keep buying things because they go with something else or might be worth something someday.
When we re-did the house, I purged about 75% of the knick knack shit. Now the house is much easier to clean and it's not cluttery. Our friends tease us about being minimalists.
Laroo likes Bobs flowers. :)

Bob said...

Fox: Only problem with your suggestion to sell on E-Bay is the wife would string me up by the uglies if I dared sell any of her precious oldies. That said, all it takes is Wifey to leave town for a few days and I get to do my get rid of all this shit thing.

LaRoo: To be honest, about 1/8th of the shit in this house is mine. I'd love to live a a life without stuff but I married quite to the contrary. I can only hope for a natural disaster. Oh, to live in New Orleans or Galveston.

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