Friday, October 10, 2008


Chevy's advertising catch phrase: LIKE A ROCK!

Ford's advertising catch phrase: Ford has a better idea.

Earlier this week stock in Ford sold for $2.50 a share with GMC stock at $6.91.

We own a fair amount of stock in both companies. As they say, hang on to what you have invested in the stock market and enjoy the ride. Why is it that the ride that I'm on feels like a space shuttle journey into space with no return?

I wish GMC was the rock that they say they are. If this was correct the stock that I own in GMC would be worth a lot more. If Ford has a better idea then I pray they're working on getting their company out of the toilet.

I hate reading the newspaper and all the doomsday woes they print. Recession. Depression. Which is it?

If you're a gambling person now is the time to invest in companies like Ford. A year ago GMC was selling at 30 bucks a share. It would not take a lot to turn a profit if you bought into GMC under 7 bucks or Ford at less than 3 dollars a share and these stocks even doubled in value.

Chances are good these stocks are a lot less than what I've quoted here. Honestly, I'm afraid to look at what they closed at yesterday.

I think I'll go out and find a tall building to jump off of.

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DNA said...

My dad (and his colleagues) knew this was all going to happen last spring. Because he is overseas he sees and hears a lot that we don't ever hear. He told us to watch out, in that our economy was about to "tank." I find it interesting that the rest of the world saw this coming but our country chose to "ignore" it? I don't get it. Something is definitely wrong here.

Flyinfox_SATX said...


The problem I have with Ford is that they are not innovators. While Japan and Korea were seeing the future with the price of Gas going up. Ford was busy trying to sell their big heavy Gas Guzzling cars and trucks. Ford did not start getting into the economy savings until it was too late.

The reason I don't invest in Ford? Is anyone doing any forward thinking out there?

Bob said...

DNA: You know what, I knew that too long before it hit. The signs of what's here today were everywhere that even "a caveman" knew the shit was going to hit the fan. Why did the mucky mucks ignore it is anyones guess.

Fox: I know, I know, I'm stupid and should have dumped the stock long ago. Ford should have had a better idea last decade. You'd think they would have followed the trend of the industry.. That said, I'm hoping for a better day and to make a ton of cash off of Ford and GMC stocks. If I do, I'll be headed your way to buy you dinner and celebrate. Look forward to that, Fox.

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