Monday, October 06, 2008


I can predict the weather with no sweat at all. The invention that I've come up with is 100% reliable. 100%. I guarantee it.

Here here's one of my weather stations posted here. Am I a freaking genius or what? These babies will be in every major city and po-dunk place in America by Christmas.

My weather forecast concept has been taken to NBC and CBS. We're talking details. We're talking money. We're talking a private jet. We're talking babes on both arms hitting NY after dark during the week and Vegas on the weekends. We're talking about Bob being on Oprah. OMG - meeting Oprah. My heart's desire!

With any luck the system I've developed will be broadcast all over America in the next few months.

Bob's Weather, coming soon to a television in your house!

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Our Forcasters need it here in San Antonio Bob! Badly!

Bob said...

I could stand a change of scenery, Fox. Maybe I'll pilot this program down your way. Do Texans treat Northerners with kindness or are they kindless towards us folks?

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