Friday, October 03, 2008


Summer beauty in our backyard is quickly fading into fall colors. Fall is taking over where summer left off and it feels like it. Nights were temperatures remained at 70 degrees have now dipped below 50. The air conditioner hasn't been turned on in days. I love the sight of an electrical meter that spins ever so slowly.

It's been raining off and on since yesterday, a light rain but nonetheless a welcomed bit of precipitation after two straight years of California drought.

Last week foliage in our backyard looked like this. Roses were sporting the last hurrah of the warm summer months.

Leaves on a string on vines along the eastern fence line have begun to show the colors representative of cooler weather.
But there were one or two rose plants that refused to give up the notion that indeed the hot weather have given way to cooler temperatures. These plants look like it's July and not October.
The recently purchased cord of white oak firewood has been neatly stacked and covered in ready for cool days and frosty nights. The thought of a cold rainy day, a well stoked fire, a dog on my lap, a good book and a curl up on the sofa closest to the wood stove is an inviting thought.

I am ready for the next phase of our seasons. Bring it on.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...


The pics are exquisite. I miss the seasons. Here in Texas, I do not get very much of Fall or Spring...only the Allergy stuff lingers....

Bob said...

Fox: Thanks. The digital camera I picked up a couple of months ago really delivers. Allergies? You would die in California. This place is packed with pollen and mold year in and year out.

La Roo said...

Southern CA here and we really don't have much of a season change. You must be up north.
You really have a knack with photography and its composition. Very nice.
And Bob, I'm ok. Thanks for asking. Just had a little lull.

La Roo said...

Bob, would you mind me adding you to my blogs I keep up with?

evalinn said...

Wow, that´s really beautiful!

Come pick your egg upp! ;-)

Bob said...

La Roo: Yes, way up north about 2 1/2 hours past Sacramento on I-5. We have snow, rain, heat and everything in between. Feel free to post this link on your blog. I'd like that.

Evalin: I just did that. Caviar with eggs sounds like just the thing to start a day off. Typical faire for you but most unusual on this side of the world.

Anonymous said...

Bobby: What IS that reddish vine in your backyard? Do you like it? It totally CHOKES everything out in my front yard, the encroachment gathers many feet each year...unowhoinMayberryRFD 9:28a.m. Saturday, exhubby's birthday, I hope he's enjoying it in Hell

Bob said...

Joanie: It's a Virginia Creeper that's in your yard. Thanks for the complement regarding the pictures. I also do nudes if you're interested in posing. :)

Anonymous said...

Nude pix, huh?? I hope you know how to airbrush!!! J @ 3:02p.m.

Bob said...

Anonymous: If you got the time I got the airbrush. :)

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