Monday, October 13, 2008


As soon as Grace hits the front door fresh from getting off of the school bus she has a snack. Then homework (even at age 5 they get homework every night in first grade).

When she's finished with her homework I'll say:

Me: Wanna make a buck, kid?

Gracie: YEA!!!! I wanna make a buck, papa.

Me: Okay, run the dog around the backyard and you'll get that buck.

So off Grace goes with Zeenie in tow.

They run around. Grace chases Zeen. Zeen chases Grace.

Then Wifey is usually pulled into the fracas of running or throwing the ball back and forth to the dog.

The exercise for the dog becomes exercise for these two and is true poetry in motion. It always brings a smile to my face.

Zeenie can outplay, outlast and out fox Grace and Wifey. When they're ready to drop, which is the case here, the dog is just getting wound up. It's like that when you're a mere pup of a dog.

At the end of their romp I pull a dollar out of the wallet, hand to Grace who in turn smiles and says, "Thank you, Papa."


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La Roo said...

That warms my heart.
Thanks for sharing.

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Do me a favor. Bottle all that Energy Gracie is putting out there and sell it will ya?

I will put in an immediate order.

Bob said...

Laroo: Mine too. . . :)

Fox: If I could I would share the million with you, Fox, just for the idea.

Anonymous said...


Can I have a buck if I run around?


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