Thursday, May 31, 2007


You've heard the phrase, "Once in a blue moon". Know what that means?

The moon doesn't really turn blue.

Tonight, the Western Hemisphere will experience the second full moon of the month, call a blue moon.

Blue moons happen every two to three years, on average every 32 months. The last blue moon was July 31, 2004.

Blue moons historically were considered unlucky, partly because a blue moon is most the 13th moon of a calendar year. As such, it caused problems for church festival scheduling. Thirteen, as we've come to believe, isn't the luckiest of numbers.

Way too complicated to me. I'll stick to half moons out the car window. Cow Town loves half or full moons on Main Street.

Unlike a blue moon that comes every 32 months, my half moons come anytime that I feel like it. Like after 12 tequilla slammers. Did I just throw down a full moon or a half moon?


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Anonymous said...

Did you know there was a movie titled "Once in a Blue Moon"??? Starring William Holden circa, hmmm, about 1958? It was considered a 'racy' movie and The SRosa Catholic Church banned played at the TowerTheatre on 4th Street, next to Rosenberg's. Why was it banned? Someone said the word VIRGIN!!! True story! :))naked correspondent from Mayberry oxoxoxo@ 6:49p.m.

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