Monday, May 14, 2007


Our roses are going great guns. Buds, blooms, roses all over the place. We must be doing something right when it comes to roses.

Do you read many blogs? If you do, have you noticed that blogs are written in cycles?

Lots of writing at the get go. Then tapers off. Then nothing. Takes about 6 months to a year. Scientists who think about things like this say the life of the average blog is 8 months.

What About Bob is in its 10th month and going strong.

I just get used to reading a blog and then wham, bam, thank you mam - the blog goes belly up.

What's my point? Monday mornings don't have to have a point to anything. But I do miss reading people's blogs who have stopped writing and who I've gotten to know through their blogs.

Things I Collect:

A thousand CD's are sitting in a case in my office. I ask myself why it is that I continue to collect CD's when I can download any tune I want off of the Internet.

Many of the CD's are already loaded onto the computer. The media player tells me that I have placed 249 hours or 10 days of non stop music into the computer.

Maybe it's the sight of all of those CD's on shelves. Impressive. That's probably why I continue to buy and collect compact disks. Old Bob just wants to impress.

Then there are the 500 plus vinyl LP albums that are boxed and stored in the garage. Let's not go there.

Among the dozens of things that I collect, there's the large collection of glass bottle stoppers. There's some sense in collecting CD and LP vinyl music.

There's no sense to a bottle stopper collection that does nothing except sit and collect dust. But they are pretty and reflect what was used in another time.

The picture shows only a small amount of the collection.

Why do I collect things and why do I collect things like that?
By the ship's clock, it was 6 bells a little while ago.

Yes, I collect clocks and there's two ship's clocks in the collection.

In case you didn't know, my ship mate friends, the hours of a watch on board a ship were measured by the half hour by bells. Each watch was four hours.

For example, a ship's clock climes 6 bells at 0300, 0700, 1100, 1500, 19oo and 2300.

Children, that's our lesson for the day. Class is dismissed.

Ding! Ding, ding!

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