Thursday, May 10, 2007


Grace will be student of the week starting on Monday in her preschool class.

Grace rarely takes a bad picture. She's been photographed so much that this girl doesn't miss an opportunity to pose for the camera.

As part of being student of the week, a bulletin board in the classroom is devoted to them. Kids bring pictures of their families and themselves to post on it.

Yesterday the wife, Grace and I were going through our pictures to supplement what the mother will take to school. I wanted a couple of shots that were not typical of our granddaughter.

Here are two. Grace howled at the suggestion that I'd be showing them off to her classmates. I thought the picture of her runny nose would be kind of cute on the bulletin board.

Guess we'll have to save that one for the picture album and drag it out to show Grace's friends when she in her teen years.

She'll love me for that.

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