Saturday, May 26, 2007


Grace's sunflowers are starting to pop. Yesterday she jumped up and down with excitement over her first bloom. A few minutes before Grace had been dropped off by her on the way to work mother. Grace, in the rush to get out of their home, was clad in her nightgown complete with mussed up hair. I should have gotten a picture.

Pumpkins plants continue to blossom. If one blossom ends up as equalling one pumpkin Old Bob's family is headed for a bumper crop.

Being the little homemaker yesterdayI prepared a batch of Christmas Pasta for freezing. It's a crappy picture but nonetheless it shows the end product.

Cooking is so very Zen. OOOmmmm!

Go to the Food TV website and search Christmas Pasta. You'll come up with Rachael Ray's scrumptious recipe.

I left Cow Town yesterday to have lunch with a friend. He lives 60 north.

On the way I stopped at a little town to check out my favorite arts and crafts gallery. As I climbed out of the truck a passing train's horn nearly blew me off of my feet.

Like my Christmas Pasta picture, this too is a crappy shot. But you get the general idea - nice setting. Train. Sunny day. Tourist wearing shorts with white man legs taking pictures.

That would be me.

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