Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yosemite was Yo-Sem-Ite to dad. As a boy, we traveled often to and camped at Yosemite.

On the road up, on the road back to Fresno, Dad would sing a made-up song about good old Yo-Sem-Ite.

Max, the wife and I just spent 4 days in the Yosemite Valley.

During our stay there was haze in the valley making for less than desirable photographs. In spite of that, the beauty of Yo Sem Ite is overwhelming. Max enjoyed Yosemite - it was his first visit - but thought there were too many trees. I think he's right. Cut a few down - they're interfering with the view.
This time of year is the right time to travel to Yosemite. Very few people. Warm, sunny days. Trees leafing out. Dogwood & Red bud in bloom. Waterfalls at their finest.

The pose for the camera is typical for father and son. We stand together. Max grabs my shoulder. Smile. Wrrrr, click!

Next visit we'll come up with another pose that's wayyy different. This one is too boring.
We were camped at Midpines. Part of the road between Midpines and Yosemite was buried in a landslide of rocks and gravel - like at least a tenth of a mile of road was under tons and tons of rock.

To keep the road open a half a mile long detour was constructed (complete with special bridge fording the river) that crossed the Merced River and then back on the other side again.

It was a one lane detour so we had to take turns using the detour with opposing vehicles. There was a 15 minute wait. You could jump the red light and play chicken with on-coming traffic.

Here's we're waiting for the light to turn green. We were not interested in a game of chicken. The engine is off. All you hear are the sounds of the Merced.

It was a long drive home yesterday. We were tired and both of us miserable with head colds.

Midday we pulled off of the highway for lunch at a roadside restaurant. Me a burger, Candace eggs and chorizo for which she paid dearly. She was up all night hugging the toilet and calling out for Ralph.


I don't think Candace will be ordering eggs and chorizo for a long time.

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Shells Bells said...

I love that pic of you and Max! you guys look great!

Bob said...

Thanks, Shelly. We had a great time.

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