Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yesterday was ripe for planting flowers in front of the house. What was planted and how it was put into the ground was the wife's vision.

When the lady has a vision it's best to step aside.

Grace wanted to help plant. She was good for putting one petunia plant in its place and no more. When you're four years old, enough is enough.

The rocks (they're really boulders) that nearly broke my back are sprinkled throughout the area. There are mounds of dirt and rocks stacked close to or on top of each other.

Once the plants spread out, it will be quite a display of color.

I'll put water in the fountain this morning and turn on the pump. It was drained and cleaned last week. You could not see the bottom of the fountain for the algae.

Grace is practicing for a department of transportation job when she gets older: Lean on the shovel, watch someone else do the work.

If you look closely, Grace has her baby chimp in a bag that's attached to her. Aside from being employed by the department of transportation, no doubt Grace will be one of those mothers who bring their kids to work.

If we have our way there will be college, a graduate degree and a six figure salary waiting for this girl in lieu of a life relegated to leaning on a shovel.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Your granddaughter, Grace, looks like a doll in the photo. Pretty girl -- and good memory pics.

twilite said...
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