Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Today is the day to pick up the loose ends. For example, this is the week to pick several colors of paint for the hallway, the kitchen and family room.

It's also the week to FINALLY! select perennials to plant in the front of the house. I say finally since the planter has been plumb nekked for at least 4 months. Looks like hell.

Today is the day the "girls" get haircuts. They go every 6 weeks. Keeping our Poms with short hair is important: It's easy to find the ticks they seem to attract, easy to keep them well groomed and in hot weather, makes for a couple of cool puppies.

When the lawn has just been watered the girls as well as Fluffy the cat hate to get their paws wet. They use the curbing around the lawn as their path. Even with our pets, necessity is the mother of invention.

It was 93 in Cow Town yesterday. To a point it was great being outside. Then it was great being inside. The house stayed a semi-cool 78 degrees - nearly warm enough to kick on the a/c but we didn't.

A lot of birds gather in the yard to be fed. There are several sacks that are hung and filled with seed specifically for a species of small yellow birds. During the winter outside of the sacks are filled with little yellow bodies all clamoring for what's inside.
Here's a left over from Yosemite. The picture, not Max. He's ready to dig into steak, baked potato, veggies and salad (topped with curry/honey dressing).

Like his father, Max enjoys a fairly rare steak and a glass of fine Cabernet.

It has been said that bread is the staff of life. Frankly, I believe it's steak and not bread that's the staff of life. Steak: It's what should be for dinner.
HOW I DO THINGS: Here you see the wife attempting to remove a root bound tree from a pot. While Grace watched, Candace dug and dug and dug to free the tree from the pot.

Finally, she asks, "Can you please get this poor little tree out of the pot for me?"

Me: "No sweat."

Quick trip to the garage to get a sledgehammer.

One swing of the hammer to the side of the pot.


Me: "All done. There's a tool for everything."

She: "Remind me never to ask you to help me with a window that won't open."

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