Thursday, May 24, 2007


The flower bed in front of our home is just bursting with color. It won't be long that the area will be completely covered with beautiful blooms such as this. If the neighborhood deer happen to stumble onto this treasure, that will be another story.

Before shopping this morning at Cow Town's favorite discount super market we stopped for breakfast at a little diner along the way. It's my habit of eating lunch for breakfast. Breakfast has never been a favorite.

Remembering that every little healthy thing that I do for my body goes into the longevity bank I ordered oatmeal with raisins. This is so uncharacteristic.

Even though I made up my mind to stick with oatmeal I perused the menu and found an interesting entry under side dishes: Cup of Gravy - $1.50. In all my years I've never seen such a thing on a menu.

What does one do with a cup of gravy? Can you drink it like coffee. Do you spread it on toast? How about gravy over french fries? Think of the fat in a single cup of gravy. This dish would have been better named as The Artery Clogger: $1.50. Yuck!

This is a one of the sunflower buds on Grace's plant. There are going to be well over a dozen flowers once the buds bloom.

Having never observed the development of a sunflower I've enjoyed watching each stage.

The gift of time we give ourselves is precious. Have you stopped to smell the flowers today?

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Please post a picture of your garden when it's filled with blooms. I sure love to enjoy the pretty sight. Thank you for sharing those pics of

Bob said...

Yes, I'll do that. Glad that you're enjoying the photos. Should have more over the next few days as the sunflowers are starting to "pop".

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