Monday, May 28, 2007


Christina Aguilera and her husband, according to an interview, spend every Sunday naked. Garden, cook, watch TV, do the laundry, bathe the dog - all done naked.

So I said to the wife:

Me: "It's Sunday. What will it be? Taco Night or Naked Night?"

She: "Naked Night? What's Naked Night?"

Me: "Let me check."

So I got on the Net and dialed in Naked Night. The first picture on this post? That's what came up for Naked Night.

First glance at this picture I thought hmm, good thing for the pasties because otherwise those puppies would be looking like raisins on a string.

Me: "Here's what you do on Naked Nights. Come check it out on the computer."

Wife after looking: 'What are you . . . nuts?! There will be no Naked Night in this house on Sunday or any other night of the week especially if it involved a balloon and me wearing pasties."

Me: "Okay, no pasties. How about just the balloon?"

She: "Not funny, Bob. No balloons. No pasties. No me looking like an idiot with the balloon. End of conversation. I have better things to do. How about tacos for dinner tonight?"

I figured a taco dinner was a poor consolation for not being able to have Naked Night but nonetheless I said:

Me: "Sure, let's do tacos. Can we call it Taco Night?"

She: "Sure, call it anything you want as long as it's not called Naked Night."

There's nothing like a taco, freshly fried crisp corn tortilla, sliced or chopped tomatoes, beef or chicken that's been marinated in lime juice and cooked to perfection, crunchy onions, chopped cilantro topped with more than warm to the taste hot sauce.

Don't forget the sliced green or red bell peppers. They add another dimension to any taco.


There's not a lot to say about store bought tomatoes when it comes to taste. They're all bland and lack that tomato taste.

Next time you're in the store pick up a tomato and smell it. Chances are good if there's no smell that's exactly the kind of taste you're going to get when you take it home and eat it.

You can't beat a bell pepper stuffed with a combination of ground beef, cheese, rice, tomato sauce and chili power.

A taco or fajitas without bell peppers is something less than they should be. We always use bell peppers in the Mexican food we prepare at home.

It's surprising at how many really don't like the taste of bell peppers. We're talking not kids but adults. They don't know what they're missing.

When it comes to Naked Night I don't know what I'm missing either.

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm....I'm disappointed..that's only a balloon???

Bob said...

Anonymous must be female. No mn in his right mind would make that statement.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Didn't like the first part of post (please let your wife know I like her!) but the tacos look scrumptious; bell pepper and tomatoes. Thanks for the warning tip!

Bob said...

Lea: You're welcome. Glad you liked at least part of this post. Boys will always be boys.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Thanks. Moderated the ps note.

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