Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Paris Hilton thumbed her nose at the law. She drove when she was told not to drive. It wasn't the first time. Paris got caught a couple of times driving without a license.

She fought the law and the law won. Now Paris is looking at 45 days in the slammer. News reports are saying that she's devastated at the mere thought of spending time in jail. Come on Paris, it's only 45 days!

Oh Paris? What kind of bird doesn't fly? A JAIL BIRD!

People like Paris Hilton play the role of being tough, hip, and nothing can touch me. When the rubber hits the road like it's doing now, people like Paris Hilton show their real colors. Basically, they're not tough, they're touchable and going to prison is far from being hip.

A little time in prison will be good for Paris. The other side of life? Living with the have nots instead of rubbing elbows with the haves? An orange jumpsuit instead of a thousand dollar pair of jeans? S.O.S for breakfast (aka in the military as shit on a shingle - chipped beef gravy on toast) instead of eggs Benedict? All things important, all things to be lived, all things to be learned.

This America where you can be somebody one minute and a nobody the next.

They say that for those who have to learn lessons the hard way that there's nothing like a crystallizing experience to change one way of thinking to another. Take me for example.

18 years of age. Nothing going for myself. It was enter the military voluntarily or be drafted. I volunteered and became an enlisted man. Do you know what that is - an enlisted man (or woman) in the military? It means second class citizen. To become an officer in the military you have to have a college degree. In return for being an officer you get:

Higher pay. Better living conditions. More privileges. Better food. Treated with respect. Great jobs. All the fine looking chicks. Enlisted men/woman get anything but those things.

Being in the military serving as a second class citizen, one of the enlisted butt boys for the officers of our group turned into a crystallizing experience for me. It was the motivation once out of the military to get that college degree and fulfill a personal vow to never ever be put in a position of being a second class citizen again. Never.

I wonder what Paris will do with her new found knowledge once she's released from her 45 day jail sentence. That will be interesting.

WHAT'S THIS?! It's a sculpture created by Dave Edwards. He calls it Paris Hilton's Autopsy. Pretty cool, huh?

Nothing like an artist's vision to put a new twist on life.

That's supposed to be Paris' dog.

I wonder who is going to take care of her little dog for 45 days? Poor thing. She's going to miss her master.

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