Friday, May 25, 2007


Sitting at the computer this morning it came to mind that it's Memorial Day weekend. For a moment I sat there and thought, "What are we celebrating? What is Memorial Day?" Having served our country during the Viet Nam era I should know the answer to that question snap, bang!

Sobering is the photograph of the many crosses placed on Normandy Beach. Thousands of crosses nearly equally divided between this beach, Omaha Beach and other portals into France along its coastline.

D Day - June 6th 1944 - so very long ago. So many lives lost in a war that could have changed the face of every country in our world. Had the World War II been lost to the Germans and Japanese, you can bet life as we know it would be different if not very difficult.

Think about that while you lounge by the lake this weekend, chugging that beer, roasting a dog and enjoying the freedom granted to every American - all made possible by those who fought for you, I and the American way of life so many years ago.

I remember and I'll never forget.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! So you're one of those Viet war veterans who fought for those who did not protect their own country!

During that time, I vaguely recall reading the 'hate' American sentiment. Today, history repeats itself on this 'hate' sentiment!

Today, the American Embassy building here resembles a fortress...just in case another round of riot I suppose!

Thank you for fighting and standing by those who needed the help. What noble sacrifice for peace!

Thank you for the good post. Do have a good remembrance on memorial day.

Bob said...

Thank you Lea, for your thoughts around this subject. Those were interesting times.

And you enjoy this Memorial Day, too.

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