Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Whenever I post the word "naked" I get a ga-zillion hits on the blog. Like yesterday's posting. Near naked lady. Naked headline. Bingo. Hello visitors!

Today I thought that I'd continue that line of thinking and put the word naked once again on the headline of this post. Maybe I'll do that everyday.

Let's try this and see what happens:


That should be worth a few hits.

Hydrangeas bring back childhood memories of Fresno California. They were planted in the front yard of our 1942 constructed 2 bedroom, 1 bath 800 square foot house.

Loved the house. Hated Fresno. If you have ever lived in Fresno you're catching my drift.

Things to do today. The wife is off for her 6 week exam at UC Med Center. It's a 168 mile drive south. This means I have grandchild pick-up duty following Grace's morning in preschool.

Then there's the matter of a cracked sprinkler and the more serious issue of water puddling in a planting area. Where the water is coming from is any one's best guess. I'll dig more holes today to figure this one out. Water pooling in an area like this is not the good news but more like news of a broken pipe somewhere in the concrete foundation of the house.

Later on I'll pick up a new gazebo at Target. They're on sale for a hundred bucks off. Can't pass that up as the old gazebo needs replacing.

I've been asked to speak or M.C. at a retirement dinner for a former employee on Wednesday night. There's a speech that I've worked on for a week now that needs cleaning up in terms of making sense, grammatical correctness, and "flow". Add this to the list for today and tomorrow.

Grace graduates preschool Thursday. After the ceremony there's a barbecue for which I've volunteered to manhandle the job of grilling burgers and dogs.

Did I mention our tenants will be out of our rental on Thursday? That's when the cleaning, the fixing and the cussin' begins. New tenants will move in on the 15th.

This week is busy. I'm going to be stressed.

I'm not going to forget to stop and smell the hydrangeas.

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Anonymous said...

Easy clean up for grungy tenants - great for walls/floors and carpets..."Krud Kutter"...no fumes, no gloves. Find it in the paint dept at Wallyworld. :)))

Bob said...

Gonna have to get some of that stuff. Will it take mustard stains off of a white shirt?

twilite said...
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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Hydrangeas is one of my favorite flowers...ball of florets and its colors! Don't see much of these in the tropics though. Thanks.

Bob said...

I love them too. There's only one hydrangea plant here and there should be more. I need to get on the stick and put a couple more in the ground. They're so colorful.

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