Friday, June 01, 2007


Yesterday Grace graduation from preschool and what a day it was.

Following the ceremony in the Watson Gym everyone walked over to the home right next to the school that I bought and converted to a preschool nearly ten years ago.

There preschool staff had setup a blowup jump house that kids jump in and another blowup thing that is a water slide. Burgers, hot dogs, all types of side dishes were served. I assisted with the cremation of hot dogs and burgers on a large propane grill.

Gathered in the gym were well over a hundred preschool children. The bleachers were filled with parents, relatives and friends of the children.

It was quite a sight.

Ten years ago there wasn't the gymnasium you see in the pictures.

Ten years ago a preschool that was a part of the school was just a dream.

I thought about those things while I sat watching the boys and girls sing their hearts out with the songs they had learned this school year. The buttons on my shirt were about to pop - I was that proud.

Look a them. . . aren't they just the cutest kids you ever did see?

Grace is in the middle of the group. Being the youngest to go on to kindergarten, she's also the shortest, too!

At the end of the program, Dawn carried Grace around. She was tuckered out.

As I walked out of the gymnasium an old Lakota Indian saying came to mind: "We are remembered by the tracks left behind".

As I continued my walk to the preschool building I looked behind me and then looked in front of where I was heading. Most of what I saw in front and behind me occured during my tenure as superintendent.

I've left some pretty big tracks. It feels good to have been able to make such a difference.

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twilite said...

Wow! That was quite a sunflower. Thanks Bob.

Anonymous said...

Very cute little Gracie, that's for sure! What a wonderful thing you did Bobby with your 'tracks'. "Mayberry RFD" @ 9:08a.m. 6-1-07

Bob said...

Lea: Thanks. Those puppies are busting out!

Mayberry aka 8th grade girl friend: Thank you!

Blessed said...

And what a difference you make....thank you for your inspiring, kind words....thank you for stopping in, inspiring me and making a difference here in blogland.

Congrats to little Miss Gracie!
Too sweet!

Bob said...

You're welcome, Blessed. And thank you for stopping by "my place", too!

Max said...

A graduation ceremony for preschool? Really? Geeze, suddenly I feel cheated in life. :P

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