Thursday, June 07, 2007


If there were such a thing as a dog's version of Playboy, Jilli would make the centerfold. WOOF!
Something homeowners whose homes are on a slab don't want to see: Water pooling around the foundation line. Broken pipe in the slab? Irrigation line gone renagade?

Stay tuned for another episode of "It's Only Money, People! You Can't Take it With You!"
My eighth grade girl friend and I still stay in touch. You can say that we've remained really good friends over the years. That's another story that I'll share some another time.

Joanie wrote a while back asking what kind of dinner plates were used in our household. Here's one of our plates - all ready for Old Bob's afternoon snack of chips and mustard.

I've got to do something about the camera strap that keeps appearing in many of my photos.

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