Sunday, June 03, 2007


That's the limit. 4 pictures via Google's Picassa site to Blogger. No more. Less if you want. Cramps my style.

I like pictures. Any book that I pick up to read has to have pictures. Blogs that I read? No pictures. I'm not interested.

ASHLAND WISCONSIN. Right on Lake Superior. Love that place. Great people. Wonderful homes on the lake. Great steak house.

And the murals here taken by yours truly? There are 8 buildings with murals along the streets of Ashland. Aren't they great?

You don't often see towns/villages/cities covered in as much mural art as they have in the very small burg of Ashland. I love art. I love art around me. Ashland, to have this amount of mural art packed into a few tiny village blocks just be one special place to live.

We parked our RV in Ashland a while back. What started out to be a one night stay ended up being four nights. Ashland was that special.

I wanna go back to Ashland. Live there. Be part of the culture. Act like a local. Be a local. Like all things practical, it's not going to happen. Damn.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Thanks for the treat for my eyes! Great mural art!

Bob said...

You're welcome, Lea. You'd love to walk the streets of Ashland. On Lake Superior. Quaint town. Mural art on every street.

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