Friday, June 15, 2007


A favorite saying: "Life can turn on a dime and it does".

One moment everything is fine, the next life can be more defining than before. Life typically goes in an instant from one direction to 180 degrees to the other.

I'll take life on the terms life is dishing out right now. Nothing is being defined, all is going in one direction. It feels good.

Unfortunately, under the terms of living life on life's terms, this is temporary. Have you ever lived for any length of time where life went from zero m.p.h to one hundred - and then in an instant there's the brick wall you're about to hit at a very high speed. This event is also known as the shit hitting the fan.

That, my friends, is life.

I'm not waiting for it to hit the fan. Enjoy the moment, as they say and not think about that pile you don't know about that's headed for the fan.

Enjoy this small moment, a snapshot of life as it is today.

Speaking of snapshots, Grace visited a friend from her preschool class the other day. He's crazy about our grandchild.

There were chickens to hold. There was a trampoline. There was homemade mac and cheese for lunch.

When you're four years old, it doesn't get any better than that.

I take a lot of pictures of Grace and of what she does. The photographs will become important to Grace when she's older as she remembers precious moments, life's snapshots of the very sweet times that she had with her grandparents.


This is Blog post 300. And they said it wouldn't last.
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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Yep. Got the message!

Children are so innocent...accept anything and everything! (sigh) grown ups...

Bob said...

You're absolutely right, Lea. Well said.

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