Thursday, June 28, 2007


During the course of replacing a dozen fence boards, Jake the Snake came out of hiding yesterday to check me out.

Stumbling on to a snake is always an unexpected surprise as in "whoa!" which is exactly what I said when Jake peeked out from underneath two discarded fences boards. Whoa!

Three blue jays soon arrived just waiting for me to leave so they could feast on Jake. No such luck. Much to the chagrin of the three birds I watched over our friend until he was safely undercover.

There are four or five pumpkins on this vine, this being the largest. Pumpkins seem to nearly double in size with every passing day.

The second crop of tomatoes is beginning to mature. The second crop are all yellow variety tomatoes.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! What a good crop you've got there! I hate snakes...they give me the creeps...eeks... Glad there is no or few snakes in NZ or Singapore here, unless brought in by some thoughtless people.

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