Friday, June 29, 2007


A pair of shorts that I put on seemed a bit baggy this morning. Like I could pull them down around my knees without any effort. Time to climb on the scale to see what's happening.

168 pounds. Hmmm. Out comes the driver's license with a picture and my weight - the way I was July 2003.

Nice picture. Fewer cracks on the face than I have today. Weight? 185 pounds. Ouch! 185 pounds!!! Old Bob was a regular Pork-o-Matic. and well on his way to 200 pounds.

Looking through photos stored on the computer I came across this one taken in 2005. My favorite position: Recliner all the way out, dog alongside, the remote control for the television somewhere in this mess and me snored out.

Then there's my gut in the picture - like I was pregnant! Looks like I'm about 7 months along with twins. There's an awful lot of guys running around with pregnant bellies, don't you think? I want to go up to them and ask, "When's the baby due?" for truly, they're looking 9 months pregnant.

Not wanting to get into a punch out with some overweight guy who could probably kick my 168 pound butt, I bite my tongue, go my way and just think - geeze, that's a lot of weight to be lugging around. Not healthy. These guys better sign up for a knee replacement cause the ones they came into this world with are not going to go the distance.

I feel better weighing 17 less pounds. It's all about being active, eating fairly decently, not eating everything on an overloaded plate of food and laying off of those things that add the pounds. Losing 17 pounds was not intentional. It was only a matter of changing up a few things in my life.

No wonder my shorts are baggy around the butt. Time for a new wardrobe. Out with the old and in with the new.

Now if I joined a nudist colony . . .

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Max said...

Glad to hear that's not a recent photo! I bought a bike last week and have been having a blast on the trails along the river. I'm gonna drop some pounds too.

Bob said...

Way to go, Max!

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