Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is Joanie, my eighth grade girl friend. She's pictured here on a cruise to Alaska she took with her husband last month.

Actually, Joanie was probably my first girl friend. We went steady in eighth grade.

Today Joanie lives in Peckerwood with her husband Gary. I knew Gary in eighth grade, too. I should have told Gary that I was dating Joanie.

Me: "Hey Gary - I'm going out with your wife to be! We're having lots and lots of fun!! What do you think about that?!"

Gary: "Huh? Who?"

I'm not sure why we broke up (I'm certain Joanie could tell you - her mind is like a steel trap) but some time during eighth grade we parted ways. I do remember that it was my idea to break up.

A short time later I was going steady with girl friend number 2. That ring of mine got a workout - all those girls, only one ring. I saw #2 a few years back. She was with another woman and living the "gay" lifestyle. Funny how things work out.

Over the years Joanie and I have remained in close touch. When we were younger, we'd rescue each other from bad situations. A long time ago Joanie had a really bad date. During the course of the evening her date got weird and creepy. At midnight there was a telephone call from Joanie. She had taken the opportunity to call when her date went to the restroom. "Get me out of here," Joanie pleaded.

I was ready to rumble. I did things like that in those days. There was nothing like a good kick butt, smack down fight - but only if I came out on top. This time all it took was one "I'm ready to kick your ass" look from me to her date, a couple of words to him and Joanie was soon out the door, in my car and on on her way home.

When I was very young - While attending a party 50 miles from home I found myself without a ride at 2 in the morning. A call to Joanie got me that ride home.

Today we remain good friends. We E-mail. Joanie reads the blog. Christmas cards are exchanged. We had lunch in Peckerwood a while back. It was an Italian restaurant, we ordered sandwiches and shared a bottle of wine. Kind of like it was in eighth grade. Nothing like a slug out of dad's wine bottle and then filling it back up with water. Did he ever know the difference?

Joanie still remembers things I said or did when we were in eighth grade. It's a good thing we never married. I'd always be in deep trouble with a memory like that.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Tender reminisces. Interesting that some have and some don't! Ci'est la vie!

8thgradgirlfriend said...

Wow! Very surprised to see myself in your blog this a.m. Happy you didn't have photo from '58!!! Your continued friendship has always meant alot to me. And yes, it was YOUR idea to breakup..broke my 12 yr old had the honor of being my first kiss, so you'll always be special :)) !! oxoJoanie @ 5:32a.m.

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