Monday, June 11, 2007


I heard that the other day. "If you want to argue about this then let's argue naked".

For couples an approach like this may be just perfect. Defuse the situation. Getting naked could be funny. Getting naked could be revealing.

Wife: "You're getting wrinkles in your butt."

Or, it could be reality. There are wrinkles in my butt that I won't acknowledge.

George Bush ought to take an approach like this in resolving Middle East problems. I can heard old George now.

"Ahhh, hah haha (the way George laughs), seems to me that we are not on the path to peace. All we do is argue and nothing is resolved. From now on if you wanna argue about this, then let's argue naked!"

What a solution for peace - get naked, talk about it, no more war. Now that would be one for the history books.

Major league baseball could follow the example. If it's worth arguing - the major league baseball rule would be for the arguing player to get naked first followed by the umpire. This certainly would add a twist to Take Me Out to the Ball Game - don't ya think ladies?!

There would not be many major league guys willing to get naked in front of 30,000 fans to prove a point. They'd want dollars to strip down naked and they're already making to much money. With no one willing to take on a naked argument we'd have a much shorter game.

Next time you're in an argument with your boss, significant other, friend of the family or who ever don't forget those fighting words, 'IF YOU WANNA ARGUE ABOUT THIS, THEN LET'S ARGUE NAKED! If you don't, then shutup about it!"

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Hohoho...good angle to the snippets of news and activities around.

Bob said...

Everything else has been tried - why not diplomatic nakedness (in every sense) if it brings peace to our world? Glad you enjoyed my thought, Lea.

Rachel Lynn said...

Not just diplomatic nekkidness, imagine how silly most arguments seem once you get nekkid. Post-nekkidness, I forget what I was arguing about.

Bob said...

There's pre-nekkid, nekkid, post nekkid and then back to anticipatory nekkid. All fun and games don't you think?

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