Wednesday, June 20, 2007


You're looking at my newest best friend. Mr. Bumble Bee.

Like any new friend when I get too close Mr. Bumble Bee gets uncomfortable. He flies right at my face when the camera gets in his.

He's doing his job, Mr. Bumble Bee. Without pollination there will be no sunflower seeds.

The three barrels of tomatoes are starting to yield lots of fruit. Plants placed in a barrel a month before the others is pictured here.

Basil from the garden, olive oil, salt, pepper and of course sliced tomatoes make for a wonderful before dinner snack.

So far, so good when it comes to Tomato Worms. Not a one in sight. Geeze, they're ugly.

Grace's pumpkin plants still flower. But we're having trouble with the little pumpkins remaining on the vine: Once they grow to a certain size they drop off.

Too much heat? Not enough water? All things to be considered when you're in the pumpkin farming business. Good thing we're not depending on this crop to pay the piper this winter or put toward Grace's college fund.

And then there's the hydrangeas. The wife plans on showing them in next year's Cow Town fair. They're prize winners that deserve at least one trophy.

When I was younger and just married, I was put on display at the county fair. Won a trophy. I'm probably the only true trophy husband.

And if you believe that, pigs are going to fly tomorrow. . .

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Thanks for the treat to my eyes again. Wow! especially the bumble bee n sunflower. I'll match a pic on the hydrangeas.

Dawn said...

I've been dreaming about
"Basil from the garden, olive oil, salt, pepper and of course sliced tomatoes"...
I think I'll turn in to a tomatoarian.


Bob said...

And a splash of wine vinegar doesn't hurt either, Dawn.

Better get yourself into a 12 step Tomatoarian program. Sounds serious.

"Hi! My name is Dawn. I'm addicted to tomatoes!"


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