Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When life points you in the opposite direction

On my way to shop or run errands I generally drive by the local rescue mission/homeless shelter.  It's on the way to most every place where there's something to buy.

Today was no exception.  As I approached the mission the blinking yellow light that indicates someone was crossing Market Street was flashing.  In slowing I noticed a younger looking guy (ain't they all younger looking these days?), long curly hair, decently dressed using the crosswalk.  No doubt homeless as are most who frequent this area of town who are on foot.

You're thinking, Ain't no thang, right?

The guy was crossing the street walking backwards.  Once across the street he proceeded on the sidewalk, up the hill all the while walking backwards.  Yup, backwards.  Cool to watch.

At first I thought it was odd and that this guy was most likely deranged . . . mentally ill .. . drugged out, lost too many brain cells .... . reduced capacity - one of those things.  Then I thought again.

This guy has it all right.  When life makes no sense, is contrary and seemingly opposite to where you want to take yourself why not look at life in those terms and look back to where you've just come from... . . and by always looking back learn from those steps taken in your journey.  When life seems to always point you in the opposite direction why not  walk backwards?

I did have to laugh at the other drivers who marveled or who were in awe of a grown man walking backwards.  The looks on their faces were worthy of a candid camera moment.  Damn, I wish that I had my camera in the truck.

Of all of the people in and around this crosswalk whether on foot or in a car this guy more than anyone else had life figured out.  I doubt if anyone else saw it the way that I did.  But if I thought like them then I wouldn't be Bob, would I?

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Joker_SATX said...

I have to hand it to you Bob, I certainly would not have looked on it that way....I would have been thinking that there goes my new cell mate here at Arkham.

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