Thursday, September 03, 2009

Silvery Moonlit Night

Last night's sail was one of those nights. Magic.

Nearly a full moon.

Small puffs of wind that pushed the boat forward.

Quiet with the exception of nesting birds and fish splashing out of the water to catch insects.

Three small sailboats played tag. Later on they came alongside and shouted,

Nice boat. What year is she?


Wanna beer?

Ya just gotta love a sailor who offers up a beer in the middle of sailing.

Wifey and I took turns at the helm inbetween dining below.

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Rachel said...

Absolutely beautiful.

I am kinda jealous ;)

La Roo said...

I dont know how to relax but these shots you put up always make me take a deep breath. If only for a moment it gives me a little serenity. Thanks Bob.

Joker_SATX said...

These are great shots Bob! You are one lucky guy!

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