Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Publish Your Blog

I stumbled across last week. It's a service that publishes web based information like blogs.

I've always wanted to see What About Blog in book form so I went for it. It seemed like a good idea to capture what I had written back then in a form that might be treasured by someone years from now.

Sharedbook is able to publish 1,000 photos at a time which allowed me to submit the beginning of the blog in August 2006 until March 2007. Yup, 1,000 photos within that short period of time. Things must have been clicking for me.

I reviewed the book of blogs before approving publication (almost sounds religious) and found that the 1,000 photos plus text rendered 300 pages.

Bob's an author of a print book with lots of pictures. Gee. Shucks. When should I have the book signing party?

If it turns out well . . . the book, I think I'll publish the remainder of the blog over a period of time. There will probably be, with the 1,000 photo limit, well over 6 books. I'll remove the Youtube posts. No sense in including those when you can't click on the page to see the video.

Check out Sharedbooks and immortalize your thoughts.


La Roo said...

Is it an actual book with paper pages and all? Or some type of web book?
I guess I should go look, just didn't want to at the moment. :)

Joker_SATX said...

The whole reason I have a blog is so that I don't keep some sort of Scrap book in the house...

Nope, if anyone wants to read it...they can come online to read it. No more conscious killing of trees for me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great read!

cheers Bob!

Bob said...

Laroo: Real book, hard cover. A web book is also available.

Joker: We own timberland and kill trees for money. We do. I am thinking my blog will crash or get deleted somehow by Blogger . . . which likely hence this move.

Thanks, Blither!

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