Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everybody has a message

Here's where the boat and utility trailers are stored.  Sure, they could be outside in the storage yard for a few bucks less.   But the Cowtown sun does take a toll on anything under it that's exposed.  Like tires.  Like cushioning material on the boat trailer.  You get the picture.

Yesterday I drive to the storage yard to pickup the utility trailer.  To the left of our trailers is parked an old blue Fiat and a white Jeep.  I notice that the Jeep has Idaho plates and an interesting bumper sticker.  Closer examination of the bumper sticker brings a smile to my face.  I get the camera.  Never leave home without it for this very reason:  One more photo opportunity.

If the attitude in Idaho is "got 'em, show 'em" that's where I want to live.  Everybody has a message.  Idaho is no exception.

It's fence repair day at Bob's house.  Think I'll post a song about that.

Happy Toesday!


La Roo said...

When we go on roadtrips, I like to live up to that sticker's saying.

Bob said...

I'm thinking that you're sooo right on.......

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