Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flat Lake Sailing

Yesterday was flat lake sailing. Not a lot of wind. What wind there was could be called fluky.....all over the board. One moment from the north and the next from the south west.

After a couple of hours of fighting merry-go-round wind the sails came down, we ate our lunch, tuned on the MP3 player and rocked out via music through the boat's four speaker sound system. Things like AC/DC, Rolling Stones, music from the Soprano's . . . played to jazz up what could have been a quiet time on the lake.

Wifey drove now and then while I scampered in, on and around the boat fixing this, polishing that and changing up the music.

One look down the lake and anyone can see what type of sailing day that it was. Flat baby. Flat. When it's flat there's no wind unless you count flatulence. And no amount of that will push a 3 ton sailboat .

Here's a shot of the second marina on the lake located across and south east of where we berth Sparkle Plenty. If you click on the picture to get a closeup you'll see that there's nothing but sticks in the air . . . all sailboats moored in this marina. Some sailors prefer this marina over ours due to it's easy access to the middle of the lake.

We'll sail again Friday afternoon and hope for more wind. Once autumn sets in there will be definitely more of that than we will be able to handle.

This lake rocks come fall and winter. Big waves. White caps. Bring 'em on!

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Joker_SATX said...

That looks beautiful Bob! I am telling you, you have found paradise....

Bob said...


La Roo said...

Bob , How big is the lake? Do you fish?

Bob said...

I know it doesn't look big and compared to Tahoe or Clearlake it isn't. 10 miles long. 30 miles of shore line. 3300 acres of water. Enough to float my boat.

La Roo said...

I thought it looked big??? What do I know?

Max said...

Glassy... Glad it was windy when i was there. That lake is plenty big; you ought to see these folks trying to sail the Han River in Seoul.

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