Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On one leg

Well, the old computer went down for the count yesterday.  It was either put the old girl down quietly or break out the 12 gauge and go postal.  I had enough of her tantrums and shit.  

Now I sit with ye old dependable laptop, an HP, which has been steadfast and sure footed for many years.  This I will work on until Windows 7 emerges from Microsoft.  That will occur the end of October, somewhere around the 17th.  Then I'll buy another home PC (and Please, please . . . no GET A MAC sentiments posted as comments here)  a Gateway or most likely an HP but never ever a Dell again.  There's been two in a row in Bob's house and both were tempermental and problematic from the get go. 

Until then Bob will be on one leg.  There will be few pictures if any.  They'll have to wait until the new computer hits the desk and I'll place the many photos on it that I've taken between now and then. 

Shit happens especially in the cyber world.

Sunday we sailed in winds from 16 miles and hour up to 30.  The winds were so strong and steady that we elected not to raise the jib and chose to sail about on just the mainsail.  Even at that the boat easily listed on its side with just one sail.

Along for the ride besides first mate Wifey were daughter Dawn and hubby Keith.  It was a good thing not to go for broke and hoist the second sail for when you have company along it's best to make an easy ride for your passengers.  That's what good skippers do.

So we sailed the morning winds, coffee in one hand and a Starbucks pastry in the other (unless you're the skipper and one of those two hands had to be on the wheel).

There was a slight mishap on the way in from the morning's sail.  I misjudged the direction of the wind while taking the initial steps to drop the main.  The boom swung around and caught me on the side of the head.  Had it not been for both feet planted firmly on the deck Bob certainly would have headed overboard.

Me just after being boom slugged:  I'm good.  Good thing the damn thing hit me in the head, the hardest part of Bob's bod.

Three days later I still have a headache from the sucker punch delivered by the boom.

Shit happens even while you're sailing.


La Roo said...

RIP old gal. :(
Sorry about the hit to the head. Make sure if you continue to have headaches to go see a doc.
I know it's not your favorite thing to do, but you could have a concusion. (spelling?)
Did you Jib before Jabbing? :) (it sounded good at the time.)
Tall skinny carmel latte two pumps- cold or hot

Bob said...

Ha. Jib and jab sounds like fun. Actually it's jibe and jibing as in you wouldn't jibe me now, would you? I'm thinking hangover and not concussion. Got to change brands of red wine. . . .

As for a tall skinny caramel, being her on. When it comes to women, Bob is color blind.

Joker_SATX said...


Sorry to hear about a machine. Yep, I have told the family here...no more Dells. I told them that if they decide on a Dell that I will not support it....

Max said...

The problem with Dell is that they load on the extra programs that you don't want. Anytime I've bought a notebook (two HP's, and two Dell's so far), I always format the HD and re-install windows from a Microsoft CD with none of the Dell/HP/etc "added benefits". It's more of a bitch to get it all up, but if you know what you're doing--there's no substitute.

Kiss the boom for me. :)

Bob said...

Joker: Good move.

Max: Boom has been kissed one too many times.

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