Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back in Biz

The new IMac arrives via FedEx sometime today.  No more PC hell.  One less thing to bitch about.  Am I ever ready for that.

The IMac comes with a 24" screen.  How much is enough?

When my father-in-law reached a certain age (rest his soul) and on his purchase of a new truck I asked, "Is this the last truck?"  With a grin he'd say, "No, it's not.  I'm living well into my 90's and past 100.  There will be quite a few more trucks."  Then he died at age 67.  That was a shock for all of his family.

I'm not quite of a certain age, the age my father-in-law was when he died but I  have to ask myself at times, is this the last computer?  Or, is this the last truck?  I definitely know that Bob is on his last wife.  Wifey are and have been in this marriage thing for the long haul for a very long time - would you believe for over the course of  four decades?!  Ain't that sweet?

As forno  more trucks and computers?  HELL NO!  Bob's got a hella lot more trucks coming his way.  No going to meet my maker any time soon.    As for computers, if this damn IMac works like they say it will work it could well last Bob until he's 100 or more.  Or maybe less.

Ya think?


Joker_SATX said...


It could be...but you do realize that at the pace technology is moving, your Imac is already outdated right?

Bob said...

That's exactly what my mother whispered to me the moment I was born.... Bob, you're already outdated. Right!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Got a HUGE WARNING NOTICE when I clicked on your blog! "Contains adult material...do you want to continue"...Big Brother IS out there AND READING "All About Bob"...did you do this, or was it for real? 8thggf@ 1:52a.m. 9-23-09

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