Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Monday

Regardless of where you are and what you do there's always a list to accomplish come Monday morning.  The big one on Bob's Monday list is to start replacing the fence board panels on the cedar fence that surrounds the house on three sides.  The boards are rotting, insect infested, have holes in them and are ready to fall off of their stringers.  With coyotes constantly on the prowl on the other side of our fence it's a good thing to begin slow but steady replacement of each and every one of the 1,200 boards that populate this barrier.

The weather has cooled considerably today past what it was over the weekend.  Where it was well over 100 (Saturday was 111) it's going to just hit 84 today.  Perfect weather for a fence project.  Just what I've been waiting for.

Fence boards run two bucks a piece.  Stringers about 3 bucks.   The fence posts are in excellent condition and do not need replacing.

So off I go this morning to pick up the trailer we have in storage that's used to haul firewood, garbage to the dump and of course construction materials that won't fit into the bed of the truck.  Then I'll hit Home Depot, pick up a bunch of boards, stringers and screws and head home to begin the task.

The old boards will become kindling for our wood stove fires this winter which makes this project even more timely.  It won't be long until we have the first fire.  I'm thinking this will come close to the end of October.

A friend wrote on her Facebook page yesterday that she's off with her husband to Vermont to see the fall colors.  Getting away sounds so great.  New places and different faces.  Nothing like getting out Cowtown.  Speaking of that, Wifey and I are overdue in taking any kind of a trip.  I think the last trip for the two of us was to Hawaii a couple of years ago.  A year ago Wifey traveled to Spain.  She's always going somewhere.  Bob, by choice, is always staying home.

We have a very large wedding anniversary in December.  Very large.  That might be the perfect excuse to get away.

As for now, Bob's get away is going to be a short drive to Home Depot.

Wonder if I'll see any fall colors?

Monday, Monday people...........

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Party Town SA is waiting for you and Wifey with open arms!

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