Friday, September 04, 2009

Snapshots from the stern

These shots were taken yesterday morning from the stern of Sparkle Plenty. The Parks Service had just placed a set of booms across the entrance of the marina to act as protection against wakes created by fast moving ski boats.

If you look closely at photo #2 you can see this feathered friend on the boom just waiting for breakfast to be served up.

Working on the boat most of the morning I saw but one person and that was Bob, the marina supervisor.

Talk about nothing but peace and quiet.

This weekend will be the last hurrah for vacationers. After Labor Day it gets really quiet on the lake.

Labor Day weekend is our time to stay home, complete a few of those landscape projects that have been put off all summer.

We'll barbecue. We'll relax (what else is new?). We'll suck up a few Margarita's. We'll walk the dogs. Might buy a pak of hot dogs and wok those dogs, too. We'll roll around in the hay. Gripes, this all sounds pretty good.

Labor Day weekend is not the time for sailing and a good time for our projects. Too many boats on the lake. Too many drivers at the wheel of their boats who know nothing of the rules of the road. Too much drinking. And not a lot of thinking.

Add these all of these together and you've got the ingredients for tragedy.

Be safe. Happy Labor Day weekend.

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Joker_SATX said...


Have a great weekend! Kurly and I are thinking of you this weekend. We will toast a margarita in your direction.

Bob said...

Thanks, Joker. We'll do the same.

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