Thursday, September 24, 2009

I look like who?

7 a.m. this morning Bob's at the face doctor.  He wants to peel Bob's face.  Apparently this is my best option and will help prevent cancerous growths.  Start with the forehead and seek what happens.  The area will turn fiery red, crust up and dry up.  See the doc once a week to monitor the process.  Medication runs around 500 bucks per refill.  Expensive body work.

Shit.  One more thing needing fixing.  This time it's Bob.

Treatment begins tomorrow.

Knowing I'll look like hell for lord knows how long I get a haircut.  Who would want to cut the hair of someone who looks like a leper?  So I get a real short cut.  It hasn't been this short in a long time.

Haircutter:  You look like an actor.  Has anyone ever told you that before?

Me:  Can't say that I remember anyone thinking that I looked like an actor except for the time my date jumped out of bed and yelled, OH MY GAWD, It's John Holmes himself!

Haircutter:  I hope you don't mind my saying that.

Me:  That's okay.  Doesn't bother me.  So who do I look like?

Haircutter:  You look like the guy in the Silence of the Lambs only you're more handsome.

Hmm, like that's going to make me feel better.

Me:  Oh, you mean Anthony Hopkins.

Haircutter:  Yeah, but only you're more handsome.  And you're probably not as crazy.

I'll take the handsome part.  Chick knows how to cover her bases.  But crazy?  She could never guess how crazy Bob could get.  Wait till my next haircut.  I'll be wearing my Silence of the Lambs muzzle.


Joker_SATX said...

OK so that's pretty funny. I had pretty much the same process done to me a while ago and the doctor said...

"Ok, lets take off the makeup"

I replied, "what makeup?"

He was not amused.....

Bob said...

Joker: time to change doc's. Go female. They know who's wearing makeup and who's not.

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